Who can apply

The Foundation is a pro-active foundation and most of the grants are awarded to either strategic project development partnerships (to identify solutions to known problems) or to the launching and managing of the Foundation’s own projects. These donations are by invitation only.

Projects must be non-profit and support restoration and conservation of nature and biodiversity.

Applications should be submitted in English from internationally recognized and operating NGOs, preferably with a strong network of locally based staff, organisations/offices, and who have a close cooperation with other NGOs operating in the same area/field.

We do not support

  • Individual persons or local NGOs
  • NGOs in developed countries that travel to other countries to undertake local nature projects there
  • Universities
  • Climate projects
  • Ecological projects
  • Single species projects
  • Agricultural projects
  • Cultural and social projects
  • Commercial projects

Critical success factors

We address a wide range of projects in many locations however in general when considering where we make a commitment the Board is looking for projects where we see:

  • The project has a clearly thought out strategy and a well-defined identity
  • Where there is a long-term financially sustainable model incorporated
  • Where there is a credible authority and skills aligned with the project and an alignment with relevant public and private organisations
  • Where a broad impact assessment is already or is planned to be commissioned and formulated
  • The project incorporates commonly adopted ‘best practices’ for nature-related initiatives
  • The project can document a quality assurance and project ‘due diligence’ process

In general the Board is looking for long term projects that can be replicated and scaled-up, whilst building resilience through strategic partnerships and collaborations with other projects with the same strategic outlook on nature conservation.

Our Geographic focus

  • Denmark and rest of Europe (by invitation only)
  • Greenland, Faroe Islands and Arctic area
  • Focus is on areas of global importance for nature that need protection including som of the world’s most important Key Biodiversity Areas:
    • Coastal areas in Central and South America
    • Coastal states in Central West Africa
    • The area between Rift Valley and Eastern Arc in Eastern Africa
    • South-East Asia and Indonesia.

How to apply

We do not have a formal grant application form, so if applying for a grant you should submit the following information by email to contact@avjcf.org:

  • Organisation name
  • Project title
  • Project summery
  • Budget
  • Contact person